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Skype for Android now support 3G calling, fixes security issues


Skype.jpg (106×109)If you had disappointed hearing the security issues in Skype Android app, here is the news to cheer up. Last week with a discovery of security whole in Skype Android app let user be upset as it put users’ private information unsecured, but in a very quick response Skype fixes security issues in the app and made available an update version. To give it’s customer satisfaction Skype surprisingly add a new feature which now allow user to call over 3G network along with WiFi.Download Skype for Android with 3G calling
To be able to enjoy 3G Skype calling, download new and improved Skype version from the link below and let us know how it’s going.
Download Skype Android App with 3G Android Calling      Download Skype Android App
Skype was developed for Android by Skype
Package name :
File size: 7.5MB

Download Google Talk Video Chat apk for your Android Smartphone (How to install)

Download Google Talk Video Chat apk
As you already last week Google announced updated Android 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread which brings Google Talk with Video Chat to Nexus S users, do you feel little jealous to Nexus S users having GTalk Video Chat? Well, if you are one of those Android Smartphone owner who running Gingerbread or install a Custom Gingerbread ROM on the phone are in luck! As expected from xda community a member named britiso made Google Talk Video Chat apk available to download which will only work on Smartphone running Android 2.3. So if you are one of the lucky person follow the instruction below:
NOTE: You must have a rooted Android phone.
1. Download the flashable .ZIP file and place it to the root of your sdcard
2. Using ROM Manager (or a similar ROM flashing utility or from recovery options) flash the .ZIP
3. Reboot.
4. Enjoy the new version of Google Talk with Video chat.
As usual proceed on the steps above on your own responsibility. Let us if it work in the comment section. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself updated on latest Android 2.3.4 Update and Google Talk Video Chat . source.

Download latest Gmail app – Improved For Android 4.0+ devices

Finally it seems Gmail app for Android becoming a true e-mail client. Download latest version of Gmail Android app and checkout yourself.

A majority of Android users have been complaining about Gmail app not reaching the high standards that were met on other platforms. With so much potential users and the ability to develop from the ground up to improve the Android OS to the version what it is now, it was such a disappointment that Google did not take into consideration user’s thought about Gmail.
While on iOS and even on Symbina (now called Nokia) Belle the email clients are up to the task and up there with the best, Gmail for Android lacked some features to make it worth while. It is the choice of many Android users that they should find a better alternative on the Play Store. That is until recently.
With Android 4.2, the latest version of the OS, a new version of Gmail made its way to bring what older version’s couldn’t - auto-fit emails. It is a feature long-expected and the reason of many user’s complains. Some of us knew we would soon get it, due to the leaked version 4.2 of Gmail finding its way on the internet just before the new version of the OS was announced. Another feature long-expected and introduced with this version - pinch-to-zoom for emails. Other mobile platform users had it long before Google finally decided to carry out it, and now it’s finally here. It is now also possible from the list to swipe an email left or right to archive, delete it or both.
Gmail v4.2.1 for Android
As it was available only for Android 4.2, Google has decided to bring it for other versions of the OS. The latest Gmail 4.2.1 for Android update made the long-awaited features available for Android 4.0 ICS and up. Users running Gingerbread or Froyo will have to make do with the version of Gmail lacking the features or download an alternative from the Play Store.
Download the new version of Gmail Android app v4.2.1 by hitting the widget below.

Download HD 3D Launcher – Most impressive Android Launcher

Most of us use custom launcher for our android phone rather than the default launcher. I´m sure you are all aware of the great number of options available on the Play Store in terms of customizing the look and feel of your device. From icons to general themes, custom launchers and docks, there is plenty of alternatives available to suit your tastes and needs. But most them offers almost same functionality and same look.
What is rather lacking on the Store is the addition of never-before-seen interfaces to set devices completely apart from each-other. Fortunately things are about to change as more and more developers become interested in developing android apps which are completely unique. This is the case with HD 3D Launcher for Android which provides an experience unlike nothing you´ve seen so far. It has great customization features and with all the 3D effects set in motion it still manages to be extra fast. The graphics are based on the stock Google ICS launcher though with some great additions.
HD 3D Launcher for Android screenshot
To provide a complete experience, HD 3D Launcher even comes with its own version of a 3D Dialer for Android that looks stunning. We´d like to see the developer integrate 3D replacements for more stock apps in the future. The launcher offers 3D folders and different layouts for them, including a 3D drawer with very nice animations when opening and closing. There is also a contacts manager with a unique interface and lots of options to customize. Multiple scrolling effects can be set for the homescreen and the drawer offers the classic and sphere layouts that both look just clean. You also get the ability to add high definition icons for your applications.

PROS of HD 3D Launcher for Android:

+ Unique style and interface
+ Multiple features and options
+ 3D dialer and call-log

CONS of HD 3D Launcher:

- Minor bugs
Download HD 3D Launcher for free by hitting the widget below. You can also get the HD 3D Launcher PRO for $1,24 from play store.

Download System Monitor Android App to see System Processing Info

We all love Android as Google’s Android OS offers complete control and the ability to do just about anything you put your mind to. It allows for changing every part of the system and modding is usually dome with ease compared to other systems. When we do install and run a lot apps on the device sometimes we would to like to see how the system performance. If the system eating lot of resources then we can kill some process and close apps to make it faster.
So, how do we know how much resource like RAM, CPU, Memory are being used? That’s when System Monitor comes to play its role to tell what’s going on.
The Android OS allows for tuning the system’s performance in the smallest detail. From custom kernels to complete custom ROMs, the OS can be brought so it looks and feels like no other, offering a very special experience. Most users like to tune their device’s performance to the limit, changing about every aspect of how they work and interact with the OS. But this procedure often requires advanced and basic tool to rely on for getting the most out of the system.
System Monitor is not only a very useful tool, but also hold the advantage of a great design. Practically it is one of the most attractive interfaces for an app I’ve seen in a while, and very functional. It is able to display all the system resources usage, from RAM to CPU, so that you can get an idea of how to tune your system for the better. It also offers other resources info, including disk usage and performance, network and top apps.
CPU, RAM, I/O, Network and TOP APPS – these are the five parameters System Monitor Android App keeps tracks. Also CPU usage can be split to show how much each individual processor of your phone is working. With the help of Dashclock, the paid version shows infos right on lockscreen as well.
PROS of System Monitor for Android:
+ Very useful system usage tool
+ Great UI design
+ Offers multiple resources monitoring
CONS of System Monitor:
- None
System Monitor Android App comes in both Free and Premium version which cost $0,99 . We suggest you to first Download System Monitor Lite for Free by hitting the Install button below then if you like purchase the complete version.