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Floating Google +1, Facebook, Twitter Buttons For Blogger

To add a floating widget to the left of all your posts like in this blog

Finally the Sliding Counters! Till now we learned and created many floating social share buttons but those button widgets in fact do not slide when the user scrolls the page up or down. The only thing I needed was a well constructed JavaScript code that could make the widget to float up and down synchronously with the webpage movement. 

Sexy Bookmarks v2 For Blogger

NOTE: !Before changing your template, don’t forget to backup your template and your widgets!
1. First, of course go to your template editor and tick the “Expand Widget Template”.
2. Put the following code before </head>

Add Social Media Share Widget To Blogger - Mouse Hover Effect

Presenting yet another beautiful social media connect widget that lets your visitors to search your blog, subscribe to your RSS Feeds, follow you on twitter, follow you on Facebook and share your blog with over 351+ Social Media Networks! 

Adding The Social Connect Widget To BlogSpot

Add +1 button and Other Share Buttons Below Post Titles

The area just below your post titles have more impressions i.e. that area is more viewed by your visitors and if you add social share or bookmarking buttons such as the new Google +1 buttonFacebook Like + Send button, tweet button and my favorite add this button, then there are more chances of getting more likes, digs, stumbles and +1'd. 

So lets add this beautiful widget to your blogger blogs. You can see them live just below the post titles of this blog.

Adding the Social Share Widget To Blogger

Fixed Position Scrolling Sticky Bar

Now days concept scrolling bar or sticky bar has becomes very popular because of their attention grabbing capacity,they quickly catches any ones attention on them that's why I am also using a sticky bar(hellobar) on my blog.Today I am gonna to share a cool scrolling sticky bar which contains many subscription/sharing options such as twitter tweet button,google +1 button,facebook like button,email subscription form also it contains a random post button which will redirect you to another(any random) post.This sticky will sticks to upper part of page and only visible when scroll down.Now lets get started and see how to add this sticky bar to blogger blog.To add to sticky bar I will recommend you to use old blogger user interface because as per widget author it throws an unexpected error,you can switch back to old blogger interface by clicking on the Settings Wheel icon at top right of your new blogger dashboard.

Use your laptop as a WiFi hotspot to tether internet connection.

How to use your laptop as a WiFi hotspot, you can tether the internet connection on laptop through WiFi.

Yes you heard it right. You can use your laptop or PC with internet connectivity to share the internet with up to 100 WiFi devices. There is no software download needed, no hectic procedures required just follow the
simple steps to obtain this.This would be amazingly helpful in cases like if you want to access high speed internet on your mobile phone to update some app or to sync your contents. If you have a wired broadband connection or an wireless modem connection to your laptop or PC which is WiFi enabled you can convert your laptop or desktop PC to a WiFi hot spot and connect to internet through it. So in this way you can share your internet connection with your neighbors or use this trick to extend your WiFi connection by using this hosted network as a portable WiFi network to use your laptop as a WiFi repeater. You can make numerous applications out of this trick according to your needs.

What you need to enable wifi tethering hotspot on your laptop or desktop pc.

  • Laptop or desktop PC with WiFi connectivity which is connected to your computer.
  • A little time, say 2 minutes or even lesser than that.

How to tether the internet connection on laptop or desktop pc.

  • Open command prompt by typing cmd in run. To run command prompt you can create a short cut to command prompt and right click on command prompt icon and select run as administrator
command prompt
  • In command prompt type in the following code in the given format.
  • netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”any name” key=”anypassword”.
  • Password must be at least have a length of eight characters.
  • Now you have created and configure the hosted network for portable wifi hotspot tethering succesfully
  • You will need some more commands to start and stop the hosted network. Which are given below.
  1. To start hosted network: netsh wlan start hostednetwork
  2. To stop hosted network: netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
  3. To see hosted network password: netsh wlan show security
  4. To show all hosted network details: netsh wlan show hostednetwork
  • start the hosted network using the command from above list. Once doing so your computer will start transmitting the ssid for your WiFi hotspot you just created, you can connect to this WiFi network using the password you just created. But still there wont be internet connection on that wifi network. For availing internet connection on your WiFi hotspot and to start tethering properly you will have to share the network connection on your PC or laptop with the new hosted network you just created. Just follow the steps to share your internet connection with the WiFi hotspot you just started.

To share the internet connection on to the WiFi hosted network.

  • Right click on the connection icon on your right of the task bar and open the network and sharing center.
network sharing center
  • After opening network sharing center, click on the change adapter settings
change adapter settings
  • In change adapter settings right click on the lan network or the network connection by which internet is connected to your pc or laptop. And then click properties.
lan connection properties
  • In the next window select the sharing tab and mark the first box and click OK.
internet sharing to wifi hotspot
  • Now you can start using your WiFi hotspot with full internet connectivity. You can connect up to 100 devices to this network. You can share the internet on your pc with your neighbors using this WiFi hotspot tethering
If you have any problem creating this WiFi hotspot you can comment here. If you found this trick helpful do share it with your friends. keep visiting us for further updates on similar topics. thanks for reading us

unlock huawei e1732 idea netsetter permanently

a new way to unlock huawei e1732 idea netsetter permanently

many people had problems with unlocking idea netsetter huawei e1732. so here is a new method introduced by nill and it works 100%. first of all you must have patience doing this. because the process it bit long. and
also you have to download some softwares. and while downloading the software you will have to disable your antivirus as the crack for the cdma workshop is considered a virus by many anti virus softwares. so these are the things that you should note while unlocking your huawei e1732 idea netsetter usb modem. and also you should not start your huawei e1732 dashboard

so here is the step by step guide to unlocking huawei e1732 idea netsetter.

  • download the cdma workshop and save the cdma workshop v 2.7.0. you must disable antivirus before opening the cdma workshop
  • download huawei e1732 downgrader
  • insert a non idea sim to your huawei e1732 netsetter
  • now you must find the common port to which your huawei e1732 modem is connected. you can do this by.
    • Right click on your “My Computer” icon > Properties > Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT)  > HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM[The port number appear in your system])
  • note down the com port number into which your huawei e1732 idea netsetter modem is connected
  • Run “CDMA Workshop v2.7.0.exe”
  • Select the Port that you noted from your Device Manager under the Port option in “COM Settings (AT mode)” under the “Main” tab.

idea netsetter e1732 permanent unlock

  • then click on connect and then click on read
idea netsetter e1732 permanent unlock
  • Go to the “Security” tab > Type “000000” in the blank box under “SPC” > Click on “SPC” button > Click on “Send” with Default (nv_read) as SPC.
idea netsetter e1732 permanent unlock

  • Click on “Memory” tab > NV Items > Read > Now a “Conform” box will appear > Click “OK” > Now a “NV Items Backup” box will appear > In the box straight to “Last NV Item” type “9999” > Click “OK” > Save the file by giving a file name you like (Eg: E1732Unlock etc.)
idea netsetter e1732 permanent unlock
  • When the buffer reach “100%” your file is saved successfully > Now a “Information” box will appear > Click “OK” > Minimise “CDMA Workshop v2.7.0”
  •  Run “E1732 Downgrader” >  accept the agreement > Next > Wait for a few seconds until the search for your modem finishes > (Don’t mark on “Auto remove the device after update”) Next > (Don’t remove your data card until the process is finished) > Start > At the end of “Downloading Programs…” you will get a “Update Failure!” error dialog box (DON’T WORRY & DON’T GET DISAPPOINTED) > Click “OK” > Click “Finish
  • Restore “CDMA Workshop v2.7.0” > “Main” tab > Disconnect
  • Unplug your Idea Netsetter (Modem) from your computer.
  • Again Plug it to the Computer > Check the “Port” again from the “Device Manager”
  • Go to “CDMA Workshop v2.7.0” select the Port that you noted from your Device Manager under the Port option in “COM Settings (AT mode)” under the “Main” tab as we did before > Click on “Connect” > “Memory” tab > NV Items > Click on “Write” > A “Confirm” box will appear > Click “OK” > “Open” dialog box will appear > Open the file that you saved before > When the buffer reach “100%” a “Information” dialog box appears with a success message > Click “OK” > “Main” tab > Disconnect
  • Now close “CDMA Workshop v2.7.0” > A “Confirm” dialogue box will appear > Click “NO”
  • Close everything > Enable your Antivirus
  • That’s it. Your Idea Netsetter E1732 is unlocked successfully.
  • Unplug Idea Netsetter (Modem) from your computer.
  • Again Plug it to the Computer.
  • Wait for Idea Netsetter to Start
  • Put a SIM Card other than IDEA to the Netsetter / ModemIf it again shows “The SIM/USIM card not been detected or is invalid” (DON’T GET DISAPPOINTED) > Click “OK” > Wait for the SIM card to be detected > It will detect the SIM card and enjoy browsing with any other SIM.
  • to make new mobile apn settings you can download huawei mobile partner. read and download mobile partner from this page

many people are having problem while connecting to internet with other sim cards
now you can connect by any sim card with default IDEA net Setter Dashboard using these steps
If your Modem is detecting sim cards and you are getting errors then do this
for XP
1 Control Panel -> Phone and Modem (found directly in control panel or in Printers and other hardware ) –> modem tab –> huawei mobile connect 3g modem (which is present on COM ) –> –> properties advance –> in extra initializing command use given commands and click OK
for windows 7
start menu -. type phone and modem — click on it—>modems –>huawei mobile connect 3g modem–properties–>change settings–>advance–>extra initialization command–>use given command
and if it ask for Country and area code then Country – India and Area Code – 91 and leave other blank
commands are here
Aircel – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”aircelgprs”
Airtel – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””
BSNL – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”bsnlnet”
Idea – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet”
Reliance – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”rcomnet”
Tata Docomo – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”tata.docomo.internet”
Videocon – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””
Vodafone – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”www”